The Business of Love

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Love & Business: A Student's Perspective

Do business and relationships really have anything in common? Well, in a very real sense, no, they don't. However, from my observations of relationships (and some experience) I have noticed that many business theories and concepts, if taken completely out of context, are incredibly humorous when applied to love and relationships. So, in a nutshell, this blog is a humorous look at the relations between members of the opposite sex through business-tinted glasses. Here is a small example.

Dual Coincidence of Wants

For this example we go to the fields of economics. In economics we learn that in the absence of a medium of exchange (i.e. money) that a barter system usually exists. This means that if you raise chickens and you want some flour, you have to trade your chickens for flour. You could go directly to the wheat farmer and trade chickens for wheat, but if the farmer has his own chickens you are out of luck. However, the wheat farmer says he does like beef, so if you can get him some beef, he'll trade you for wheat.
So you go to the cattle farmer and offer chickens for beef. The only problem is that he doesn't even like chickens. However, he is interested in some vegetables, so you are off to the vegetable farmer.
The vegetable farmer DOES want some chickens! Hallelujah you say. So you take the veggies to the cattle farmer and he gives you a nice slab of beef from a cow he butchered that day. You take the beef to the wheat farmer and get your wheat and !Presto! you have your flour.
Now this sure is a pain. Why was that so hard? Because you didn't have a dual coincidence of wants.
A dual coincidence of wants is when you have what they want and they have what you want. In a barter system this is difficult indeed. So how does this relate to relationships?

The Punchline

You see, the whole process of relationships is a barter system. I have something to offer the ladies and I am looking for a lady who has what I want. However, it isn't going to work out if what I have isn't what she wants. Or maybe she really wants what I am offering, but I am not interested in what she has to offer.
In all these cases you have a failed relationship.
The only time it works is when you have what they want and you want what they have. Then you are able to trade (date, marry, you get the picture). Now why did I explain a situation where we had to go through the cattle farmer and the veggie farmer to get a trade to happen? Because a lot of times we have to fail at our trades (relationships) in order to obtain something we lacked that someone else wants. I guess you learn the lesson the hard way.

What We Learned

Well, now that you know how to trade, go out there and find yourself a dual coincidence of wants. Or, if you disagree, leave a comment because I'm pretty sure that as a single guy I have this whole thing figured out.


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