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Monday, January 30, 2006

Trial Closing and Defining The Relationship

In my most recent sales management chapter we started to learn about trial closes and I couldn't help but think of the similarities between a sales presentation and dating. Let's do this.

Trial Closing

When in a sales presentation it is important to know how the client is feeling about the presentation. You can't finish the presentation, have them say no, and then go home with your head down. You never found out what part of the presentation they didn't like or what their concerns were. Here is where you need a trial close.

Trial closing comes after you have pointed out a key benefit that your product gives the client and/or they react in some positive fashion (body language is the key). At that point you do a mini close, or sale. You say something like, "Since this product is so beneficial to you, how many do you want to order?" If you are right, you make the sale here and only need to tie up loose ends. If you are wrong you can resolve a concern.

Defining the Relationship

Every relationship is to some extent a sales presentation. When I take a girl out I want to make a good impression by dressing appropriately, smiling, taking a genuine interest in her, complimenting her, and showing her the benefits that she will enjoy if she decides to "purchase" (further progress the relationship). So, with that connection made, how do I make the trial close.

First off, I have to be giving a presentation. This would be the equivalent of a date or whatever social interaction I might be having. Perhaps the presentation takes many dates to progress. It doesn't matter. The key is that I have to practice trial closing or I might get to a point where I have told her all my benefits and she just shuts me down. Ouch, that hurts.

However, let's say I have just had a super date. Everything went pretty much according to plan and I get signs (again, body language) that she likes the benefits. So now I have to practice a trial close. This can take many forms, but at the core of the conversation is the effort to "sell" the relationship. Here is one example, but it can take many forms. "You're the coolest girl I know and tonight was a lot of fun. I really like you and want to date you exclusively. How do you feel about that?"

Now I admit that the words at that moment will be pretty hard to utter, but muster all the confidence you can. Confidence is attractive and is another benefit. At this point you hit the home run and the relationship takes a step forward or you learn a concern to resolve. If the concern is too large to handle it might end the relationship, but if you feel that she is too valuable to lose then don't give up. Keep on going until you close the "sale". Good luck to you men and I want to hear what the ladies have to say, so comment away!


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