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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Job Interview: Part II

Now if you've followed the advice from part I on job interviews, you should have set up an interview with a potential employer. For some of you this will be the first impression and for some it won't, but you can rest assured that making the right first impression at your interview is critical.

Dress for Success

First, you need to know what to wear. There isn't one guideline that fits all situations, but there are three guidelines that should ensure you are dressed appropriately.

1. Find out how the interviewer will be dressed and dress to match. So if you're interviewer at that internet startup is wearing jeans and a polo shirt, go ahead and wear jeans and a polo shirt. I mean, if you get the job that's what you'll be wearing for the next few years right?

2. If you don't know what the interviewer is going to wear, you will likely be better served to dress nicer rather than more casual. Rarely will being overdressed be a liability.

3. Inside of guidelines 1 and 2, favor styles that are more conservative and fit your body type. Nobody wants a lady with the muffin top waist or a guy who's shirt is so tight you wonder if you should duck for cover in case the buttons pop off.

Social Application

Remember that our "interview" is in fact a first date and the "employer/interviewer" is the lucky lady/guy. You'll always feel the most comfortable if you've matched the level and style of your interviewer. Nobody wants to show up for a date wearing their Little League Boston Red Sox jersey and your date is wearing a dress and heels (not that I personally would be uncomfortable since I love the Red Sox, but she might feel a bit out of place.)


For a job interview you should be clean and well-groomed. Again, matching the company culture is best. However, avoid anything distracting (such as really potent aftershave or colognes like Sex Panther). Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wear deodorant. If this is news to you you really need this advice.

For dating you can take a little more liberty with your scent of choice. However, remember when selecting your scent that you're trying to find something you can tolerate, but drives your "interviewer" crazy. My advice is to seek help from a trusted friend of the opposite gender. A good decision in this category can pay big dividends.

Tip of the Day: Wear something that you really like and look good in. This will give you confidence, which, as was mentioned in our last Tip of the Day, is always a turn-on.


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