The Business of Love

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Risk and Compensation Part II

Ok you love-starved junkies out there. It's time to talk about how we can apply drugs to our lives (no this does not mean I'm going to tell you how to use drugs, don't even ask).

The Product of Dating

We're all drug dealers. It's true, don't hide it. But let's look at it this way, we're all the drug operation. For simplicity's sake, I'm going to describe this from the guys point of view, but we all know that the same thing could be said for women. We want our product to be sold to the masses. What is the product? you. If you're way cool, most likely if you're reading this blog, you probably have a lot of footsoldiers, i.e. women, competing for positions within your operation, meaning they want to date you and eventually reach the single position at the top. If you haven't got people forming a line wherever you go, trying to get your attention so that they can date you, then read on. If you do.......shutup and start your own blog.

Dating Compensation

How are you compensating those that date you? We all know that women won't go on a second or third date with you if they hated every minute of the first date. If the date is the same, the compensation for the time they invest is simply not enough. Make your compensations good. Some women will like a 5'9'', 145lb, bespecticaled gentlemen who can recite any episode of The Simpson's by heart (and if you know any, tell me). But, as hard as it seems, there are those women who want something more substantial in their relationship. Simply offering them a movie may not be enough. Think of creative dates that make them feel special. If the person you're interested thinks that the rewards for dating you are big enough, they will overlook the fact that you're spending your nights reading a blog instead of working it with them (which reflects great on me seeing as how I'm writing the blog).

Pull it All Together

Attractiveness is not the most important thing. It certainly is one form of compensation, but as the drug dealer example illustrates, even life-threatening hazards can be overlooked if the rewards are good enough. Some people only see physical attraction as the reward. I won't mince words, that's just sad. There are a ton of rewards out there. Having an intellectually stimulating conversation (way too overlooked in our society), having fun just joking around, eating good cooking (one of my favorites), watching the sunrise over the mountains (if you have any), heck even taking a nice walk on the beach (if you're near the ocean). These are all some forms of rewards. Is your company good enough that a person will want to be with you?

Let's face it, there is no perfect person. People have quirks, like someone calling themself Lusty. But if he offers good enough rewards, women will want to date him, or so I hope. If not, I suppose he could always form a massive drug operation.


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