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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brand Name vs. Generic

Imagine that you are at the grocery store, in the cereal aisle, trying to decide what delicious sugary treat will start your day for the next week. Of course you are confronted with the major brand name cereals like Froot Loops and Lucky Charms. However, you notice that Malt-O-Meal has eerily similar products (Tootie Fruities and Marshmallow Maties) that are significantly cheaper. What do you do?


I personally am a tight-wad (in the most positive sense of the word) so I always buy generic. To me the benefits are obvious; low cost. They say it is because of the simple plastic bag they come in and because they don't do as much marketing. Whatever they say, the fact is, they are cheaper

Brand Name

I won't say that I'm not trying to offend people who buy brand name cereal because my opinions offend often. But to those offended I reply, "Get over it!" Anyway, of course the brand name appeal comes from the (supposed) superior flavor, pretty packaging, and protected cereal that isn't so crushed and crumbled. You also know that you are NOT cheap and will spend the money to get "the real deal." I don't agree with it, but whatever floats your boat.

Dating: Brand Name vs. Generic

I fancy myself as the generic of the dating market. I feel like I'm just as good as any "brand name" out there, but at a much more attractive price. I don't wear designer clothes, but I dress well. I'm not the student body president, but I can talk to anyone. I'm not the most popular guy on the block, but my friends know I'm always there for them no matter what. Basically, I feel I'm a truly "nice guy". You know, the kind most women say they can't find any more (hello, am I invisible?)

Given that I am the generic, I somewhat understand the lack of attention. I know I don't have the fancy packaging or the cool commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. However, I figured that women were like me, more interested in value than image. Not so.

You see, to some people the boyfriend has to be brand name. It's one of the biggest "purchases" a lady will make and the one every other lady will see her with. Other girls may never know she wears Hanes instead of Victoria's Secret, but they'll definately see if she went for the "generic" boyfriend. Can I get an amen from the generic guys out there?


So you may have guessed that I have a slight bit of personal experience that has perhaps biased my opinion on this matter. Good work, you're right on. As a "generic" guy I am not interested in a "brand name" girlfriend (also read as high-maintenance). I want a "generic" girlfriend. Same great flavor, always there for me, and stays crunchy in milk. No fancy packaging or expensive advertising. Basically, all the important things, minus the superfluous things, and all for a better price.


  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger Julie said…

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  • At 9:48 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    haha "stays crunchy in milk". that's one of those things that one would write while chuckling to themselves at their cleverity. yes, cleverity. not an actual word but it conveys what I want. So, that was a little harsh on the female population. I'm not offended personally, but it was not the most flattering. "Nice guys" seem to always be complaining. not that I have a problem with it. I'm still reading, obviously.
    So, I've been thinking lately that it seems like people, depending on their self-perceived attractiveness, feel they deserve a certain level of attractiveness in the opposite sex or, rather, their partner/significant other, etc. Why aim low when you can have so much more? of course, then I wonder what the benefit of having someone attractive other than you know, being a little easier on the eyes or as a way to boost yourself in other's eyes. like having the coolest bike on the block. I guess biology comes into play with the best choice to pass on your genes; good looks could indicate good health and better chance of survival. but, as your professor said, women tend to overthink things and I take that to an extreme and then prefer to think out loud as a comment on a blog.
    So as a final comment, it's possible your generic (I was going to say product but you go between girls being products and buyers...)so a generic whatever has other things to do besides promoting themselves unlike brand names, where it seems to be their sole purpose to be bought. you could always settle for the sales, haha. this is fun.


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