The Business of Love

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Cost of Dating

Okay, I have recently been thinking about how much money I have been spending on dating over the years. I mean, I've gone on so many dates that it has to add up to a ton of money. Lucky for me, I have taken accounting and still have possession of an HP 10B calculator. So, let's make some assumptions:

Average Dinner Cost = $20
Average Activity Cost = $20

That makes $40 a date, and I'm even leaving out little costs like gas for the car, and the fact that I go on "economical" dates rather than lavish ones. Now let's say that over time I've averaged one date per month every year since I was 18.

That's $2,880!

But wait, don't forget that I could have kept it in the bank or invested the money. Say I got 5% average interest per year.

Now it's up to $3,350.57!

Dang. All of that money and no honey to show for it.


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