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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Developing Partnerships

Trying to succeed in the business world is hard. Succeeding alone is even more difficult. So while out in the business world you're always trying to develop partnerships. Partnerships come in two varieties.

1. Most partnerships are formed for synergies between the companies involved. One of the main benefits from partnerships is access to new clients. Manufacturers want to partner with retail outlets to access the customers these stores bring in. Retail stores benefit from the partnership because people come to purchase the manufacturers product but hopefully buy other products as well.

2. Though in the minority, you can also form partnerships with an eye toward a merger. Often these relationships start out as type 1 partnerships and grow into type 2 relationships, but if a merger is on your mind you'll find that this type of partnership usually fails if a merger isn't completed. So how does all of this relate to dating?

Partnerships = Friendships

I hope that didn't surprise anyone. Friendships provide you with access to a whole new group of customers (for me that means more ladies to date) and can lead to a merger (exclusive relationship). Just as good partnerships provide benefits to both parties, good friendships benefit everyone. So what should you look for in your partnerships?

Building Quality Partnerships

First you can look for areas of common interest to build on. Look for friends that like the same activities and have similar personalities. Then you can spend time with your friends doing activities you already like. Secondly you can look for friends who like activities you would like to try and just need a guide as you learn. They can also have personality traits that are complementary to your own. These basic rules should help you form positive partnerships.


  • At 9:09 PM, Blogger Julie T said…

    Happy Easter, Handsome! Wishing you progress on the way toward the next merger! Remember, "all it takes is one"!


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