The Business of Love

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Stock Market: Part II-Timing

Thank you to Anonymous out there who brought up the topic of timing in the social scene. I'll treat that item first.


Ever wished that you had invested in Microsoft in 1985? Everybody does, but let's not forget that there are actually people who DID! If those people hung on for a while they are undoubtedly very comfortable right now, but don't forget they took a big risk.

As the previous post mentions, you can consider yourself a stock and the opposite sex as an investor. The investor is trying to find a stock that will provide the maximum return on investment. Here's where the timing comes in. Some people just aren't ready for a serious relationship. Basically, they haven't even had an IPO. You can't even buy their stock no matter how much you like the company. Then there are those at their peak now, but certain indicators point to an imminent decrease in stock price (i.e. attractive guy that turns out to be a total @$$). However, sometimes the stock is available, the investor likes the stock, and a purchase is made. Sweet relationship nirvana.

Now, another point I would like to mention is how you can score big with the ladies even if you aren't "all that and a bag of potato chips." Let's consider a little example you might know: Google.


Google began as a little search engine trying to make it in an industry that was very competitive. Big-name companies like Yahoo, AltaVista, and Lycos already had tons of customers that used their search engines. How did Google pull it off? Google stopped trying to be a portal (the site everyone goes through to get on the web) and focused on being JUST a search engine. By focusing on just searching they could deliver the best results. The rest is history.

How can you be like Google?

Easy. Focus on being yourself and do it better than anyone else. So what if you aren't the super-athlete or Mr. Gorgeous. Trying to be something you're not just dilutes the fact that you are the best you on the planet. If a relationship is going to work out it will be because he/she likes you for who you are, not who you're pretending to be. Take it for what it's worth, but please leave me and the readers some feedback. This blog may not have thousands of readers but hundreds have stopped by so far.