The Business of Love

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Job Interview: Part II

Now if you've followed the advice from part I on job interviews, you should have set up an interview with a potential employer. For some of you this will be the first impression and for some it won't, but you can rest assured that making the right first impression at your interview is critical.

Dress for Success

First, you need to know what to wear. There isn't one guideline that fits all situations, but there are three guidelines that should ensure you are dressed appropriately.

1. Find out how the interviewer will be dressed and dress to match. So if you're interviewer at that internet startup is wearing jeans and a polo shirt, go ahead and wear jeans and a polo shirt. I mean, if you get the job that's what you'll be wearing for the next few years right?

2. If you don't know what the interviewer is going to wear, you will likely be better served to dress nicer rather than more casual. Rarely will being overdressed be a liability.

3. Inside of guidelines 1 and 2, favor styles that are more conservative and fit your body type. Nobody wants a lady with the muffin top waist or a guy who's shirt is so tight you wonder if you should duck for cover in case the buttons pop off.

Social Application

Remember that our "interview" is in fact a first date and the "employer/interviewer" is the lucky lady/guy. You'll always feel the most comfortable if you've matched the level and style of your interviewer. Nobody wants to show up for a date wearing their Little League Boston Red Sox jersey and your date is wearing a dress and heels (not that I personally would be uncomfortable since I love the Red Sox, but she might feel a bit out of place.)


For a job interview you should be clean and well-groomed. Again, matching the company culture is best. However, avoid anything distracting (such as really potent aftershave or colognes like Sex Panther). Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wear deodorant. If this is news to you you really need this advice.

For dating you can take a little more liberty with your scent of choice. However, remember when selecting your scent that you're trying to find something you can tolerate, but drives your "interviewer" crazy. My advice is to seek help from a trusted friend of the opposite gender. A good decision in this category can pay big dividends.

Tip of the Day: Wear something that you really like and look good in. This will give you confidence, which, as was mentioned in our last Tip of the Day, is always a turn-on.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Job Interview: Part I

For the next couple of posts we'll be looking at how the dreaded job interview is actually quite similar to a social practice commonly referred to as the first date. Before we begin though, you need to switch your paradigm just a little bit. Usually I prefer to think of myself as the company, Handsome Inc. For our discussion of job interviews though you need to think of your romantic interest as the company and you're the applicant looking for a position with the company.

Getting the Interview

We've all heard the phrase about how it's not what you know but who you know. Well, there is a lot of truth to that. You get a lot of interviews because of connections you have that alert you that a position is open and/or gets an interview for you (yep, the blind date.) So networking is very valuable if you want to get an interview with your ideal company. But what if you don't know someone who can hook you up?

Don't panic. There are always companies looking to interview acceptable candidates. Many companies post open positions online or in the classifieds with contact information. This is exactly what it sounds like, online dating sites and personals in the newspaper. However, many companies try to get applicants before going to these methods. So how do you know a company has an opening?

Inquire Within

Many companies will start by putting up a sign in the front window requesting applicants just stop by and ask for an interview. This translates into a lady getting dressed up and going to a social event. While not fool-proof, this is a pretty clear sign that she's taking applications. Another rare situation is when a business isn't really looking for applicants, but is willing to make an exception if the applicant is qualified. You'll never know if this is the situation without the confidence to ask for an interview and convey that your are adequately "qualified" for the position. To summarize, you need to be looking for and correctly reading those enigmatic "signs" that ladies (and guys too) put out.

We'll keep it short today and next time we'll talk about how you prepare once you've set up that big interview.

Tip of the Day: Confidence is attractive (avoid confidence' cousin arrogance though, he's ugly) and you'll never know how things might have been if you never had the confidence to try.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Avoiding The Hostile Takeover

When attempting to acquire a publicly-traded company, there are two main methods. First, the buyer can contact the company, make an offer, and if the company believes the offer is in the best interest of the shareholders a transaction will follow. This is the most common method. However, sometimes a buyer will simply begin purchasing the company's stock in an effort to gain a controlling share and thus gain control of the company without the express approval of the company being purchased.

What does this have to do with relationships?

In a relationship context, a hostile takeover is launched when a suitor begins purchasing "stock" in the company. "Stock" can be thought of as the assets of the company (remember that you are the company) such as time, attention, etc. Most of the time a suitor will attempt to purchase stock by simply hanging out, engaging in conversation, or asking for a date. These actions require approval of both parties.

However, in a hostile takeover the suitor attempts to purchase stock without express approval. This is what some would consider the guy/gal who is always hanging around, asking you on dates, won't let anyone get a word in edgewise though you've tried to "send the message" you're not interested. They may even get the message but believe that as long as they can discourage other suitors they may wear you down. Never a pretty picture, so how can this be avoided?

Avoiding the Hostile Takeover

First, evaluate your assets. Personally, I find that my time, thoughts, and money are the most easily measured assets I have in a relationship context. I'm kinda selfish with these assets most of the time, so my level of interest in a young lady is usually pretty easily indicated by how readily I give them to her.

Second, you have to always know how assets are being used. A hostile takeover begins when the buyer begins to occupy time, thought, and/or money without consent. Once you see your assets being appropriated you need to move to the next step.

Third, take back your assets. At first the hostile takeover isn't a big deal. You think that they'll "get the message". Just like any relationship issue it involves plain, direct communication. Be considerate, but make it as obvious as a nuclear explosion you're just not interested.


Nobody should have to suffer a hostile takeover. Yes a guy may have to be persistent in the beginning of some relationships, but it won't work in the long run if the lady doesn't grant her approval of the deal.

*Signs a takeover may be in progress already

You consciously avoid the person.
You are annoyed by their presence.
Every distant relative you had has "died" to provide you an excuse to turn down an invitation from this individual.